Joseph Renshaw
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Long-form features

How AVEVA Marine is helping to restore the TS Queen Mary

In this 1000-word feature, I interview internal and external people involved in the project, to tell the story of the TS Queen Mary and how AVEVA’s software is underpinning its restoration.

Hawk takes flight: delivering Danone’s
global MES

In this 1200-word feature, I explain how AVEVA’s MES experts and Services team built a custom manufacturing execution system that’s now being deployed across Danone’s global business.

Eddie and Aldo’s XPRIZE adventure: carbon capture, MacGuyver-style

Two colleagues in South America have entered the Elon Musk-sponsored XPRIZE competition. I told the story of their work, which involved months of late nights and cobbled-together prototypes.

Short-form articles

A century of service: four pillars of AVEVA retire

For this article, I interviewed four veteran senior leaders, who were all retiring on the same day. The piece garnered 1,100 views – by far our team’s most popular piece of content to date.

The infinite applications of AVEVA Data Hub

To mark the release of a significant new product, I spoke to four technical project leaders about the development history of the product and the strategic importance of its release.

So long, Ever Given! But will we see a repeat?

When a container ship was blocking the Suez Canal in March 2021, I interviewed two internal marine industry experts and wrote this story, exploring the shipping industry and AVEVA’s place in it.

Graphic design

Our integration journey

With this graphic, I took the interconnected and concurrent integration priorities and transformed them into a tube-inspired map of our journey to one combined organisation

Nuclear fusion involves smashing atoms together at incredibly high speeds. The fusing and splitting of these atoms releases energy. In a star, gravity continuously pulls the atoms together, keeping the fusion reaction going.

But the environment on Earth is very different, and replicating the reaction is extremely difficult. Either the reaction melts its container or the container cools down the atoms, halting the reaction.

To solve this problem, CFS’s fusion reactor uses powerful magnets to spin the atoms through a magnetic field. It allows them to generate the necessary speed and temperature inside the reactor, without the atoms touching the reactor directly.

What on earth is nuclear fusion?

To support a piece I wrote about a customer who is using our software to design a nuclear fusion reactor, I created a three-panel infographic that explains what nuclear fusion is, the challenges of generating it on Earth, and how the customer is overcoming those challenges.


AVEVAFEST bird for the weekly newsletter

These bird animations consist of seven individual illustrations, again designed from scratch in Adobe Illustrator, which I then turned into animated GIFs in Photoshop. I included them in Keeping you connected as promotion for AVEVAFEST (an internal virtual festival) recordings.

Waveform animation

This simple 10-frame animation appears in the newsletter once a month as part of our efforts to promote the Sales Enablement team’s podcast. It’s small and functional, but I’m proud of it for those very reasons.


A brief history of AVEVA

This video was produced for an internal virtual festival called AVEVAFEST. Using an old brochure as my source text, with supplementary interviews with long-serving employees across the company, I wrote an audio track, storyboarded the video track, and sourced footage, which an external creative agency then built on to produce a final version eight-minute video.